描写は描く時の第一歩です。 描画の遠近図、アートと布地のデザイン、モジュールの描画、インテリアと建物のデザイン、およびX線などの分野で使用することができます。





光を中央に集中させて明るくすることができるLEDライトバーは目を守ります 光は、異なる環境に適応するために3段階で調整可能です

  • ほの暗い: 薄い紙と半透明の紙に適しています
  • 中: 普通紙に適しています
  • 強: 厚い紙に適しています



Essential tool for portraying

Portraying is the first step of drawing.

It can be used in such fields as drawing perspective, artwork and textile design, module portraying, interior and building design, and X-ray perspective.

Constant current and temperature,
without strobe lighting or burning hot

Advanced constant current control plan is adopted for processing of light source, ensuring LED Light Pad to have higher use efficiency of energy.

High-efficient, uniform and stable transmittance of light

High quality acrylic panel allows light to be introduced from both sides, and with dodging LGP, the light is
more even and light source is more stable.

Eye-caring LED light bar, allowing light to be centralized and bright. Light is adjustable with three levels for adapting to different environments.

  • Dim: suitable for thin paper and translucent paper
  • Medium: suitable for ordinary paper
  • Strong: suitable for thick paper

Measure scale is attached for accurate positioning in creation of painting